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2017 Year in Review

  • 1 /2 and 3/8:  Applied for Ameren UE Lighting Funding, no response received

  • 1-22:  Volunteer brainstorming session

  • 1-25:  Began work with web designer/developer

  • 1-27:  Participated in the Fox Forum Character Education Program introducing HHH as a community service organization

  • 2/6:  Applied for Grant from Focus St. Louis

  • 2-22:  9:340 am brainstorming meeting

  • 2-23:  Fox Middle School student meeting

  • 2-25:  8:00 Work Study (College Student) meet and greet


  • 3/1-2:  New Volunteer Training

  • 3/2:  Leader Publications published Thanksgiving Letter in honor of our 10 year anniversary

  • 3/5:  White Flag Christian Church Work Day

  • 3/10:  New Volunteer Training Follow-up Session

  • 3/15-16 Opening Session

  • 3/16:  Amelia Specker visited in preparation for birthday fund raiser

  • 3/24:  Board Meeting

  • 3/27:  Bud Man Fox Middle School visit with students and staff.  Thank you Mrs. Manis and

  • Mrs. Hickerson for organizing our meet and greet.

  • 3/28:  Fox High School SpEd tour ranch and enjoyed picnic lunch


  • 4/7:  Autism Walk 1-2pm; 5:00pm Recess Outreach at Our Lady in Festus

  • 4/12:  Dropped off fliers for Fox Autism Spectrum Disorder Fair

  • 4/13:  7:00 am College Student Work Day


  • 5/9:  7:30 am meeting with web designer/developer

  • 5/10-11:  Closing Spring Sessions

  • 5/11 purchased new stall gates for the safety of our horses

  • 5/15:  Fox Middle School Honor Society Work Day

  • 5/17 Rodeo


  • 6/17:  8:00 am Boy Scout Pack 892 Work Day


  • 7/14:  7:30 am Meeting with web designer/developer


  • 8/16:  4:00-7:00pm New Volunteer Training Session

  • 8/23:  7:30 am Meeting with web designer/developer

  • 8/23:  4:00-7:00 New Volunteer Training Session

  • 8/27:  White Flag Christian Church and Girl Scout Troop Work Day

  • 8/30:  Volunteer Work Day


  • 9/1:  Walk through for Boy Scout Eagle Project (Joel Marler Troop 406)

  • 9/6-7:  Opening Fall Session

  • 9/9:  Meet and Greet at Ranch Elaine Bruemer

  • 9/12:  Bud Man Pius X High School.  Mrs. Christine Schoemehl and Jordanne Mickley organized our visit and the fundraiser.  


  • 10/2:  Still on the waiting list to be a recipient of the 4 Degree Guarantee (Channel 4 Weather)

  • 10/3:  Freer Elementary – Lincoln and Hooch visit the students and staff.  Mrs. Janelle Dinwiddie organized our visit and the fundraiser.

  • 10/16:  Windsor Elementary Pennies for Ponies- Lincoln and Bud Man visit students and staff.  Mrs. Karen Barbarash organized our visit and the fundraiser.

  • 10/18:  Mrs. Patterson’s Class SpEd Meet and Greet/Lunch at Ranch

  • 10/19:  11:45 Cowboy Bill, Brenda, Doug and Katie Berry made presentations to the Festus/Crystal City Optimists Club at the request of Janet Mace and Ellen Ravenscraft and Cowboy Bill toured Mavis during the Thursday evening Session; Concord Lions Club visited the ranch to present an adoption check for Speck

  • 10/22:  Eagle Project completed Sensory Course outlined as completed by Joel Marler Troop 406

  • 10/30:  Meramec Heights – Lincoln and Bailey visit the students and staff and they adopt Bailey for the year. – Mrs. Tanya Goff organized the event for HHH

  • 10/31:  Work Day (setup for hayride)– Mrs. Hickerson SpEd and Mrs. Mannis Honor Society from Fox Middle School


  • 11/4:  Hayride/10 Year Anniversary Celebration

  • Meramec Heights adopted Bailey at the rodeo and visitors enjoyed our Country Store and Silent Auction fundraiser.

  • 11/6:  Life Centered Career Education Class brought Mrs. Tappel to cleanup and winterize ranch after the fall session.

  • 11/9:  State Farm Good Neighbor Matching Grant Received

  • 11/20   The Waldrop Family Charitable Fund presented a generous donation to HHH for unrestricted use.  These funds were quite a surprise and came at a most opportune time.  Thank you Waldrop family. 


Although the program has been put to bed for the winter our Wranglers continue their daily trip to the ranch to care for our Equine friends so that they will be ready for opening session March 14/15 2018…

Explored Possible Sources of Funding:  Variety Club, Buchheit, Commerce Bank, United Way, Our Caps Your Cause

The year ended with Joel Marler completing his Eagle Scout project and helping us contain erosion by lining our Sensory Course Trail with 87 railroad ties.  We are ready for the spring rains…bring it on!

We maintain our waiting list with 46 riders waiting for a placement.  We say good bye to Austin Westbrook as he graduates to other activities and leaves a spot for another family to move into the program.  Happy Trails Austin!

Ongoing Donors

  • Windsor and Freer Elementary Schools

  • Pius High X High School

  • Fox Middle school

  • Meramec Heights Elementary

  • Rays Vending sponsor HHH by donating 10% of the vending machine earnings to our program.    

  • Travelers Insurance employees contribute throughout the year and Travelers provides matching funds

  • State Farm Good Neighbor grant

We gratefully accepted memorial donations in honor of our friends and family members who passed away this year.  We thank our contributors for thinking of us in their time of grief.

We are grateful to the volunteers and parents who generously donate to the program and keep us moving forward…..


Happy Trails to all and we will see you in the Spring of 2018!
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