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We began our Special Olympic program Spring 2019.  All Riders have graduated from our 2008 equine assisted program into the Special Olympic Equestrian Program.  Qualifications for these Riders is set by the National Special Olympic Equestrian Committee and their application process.  All Volunteers are also registered and approved by the Missouri Special Olympic Committee.

After 10 weeks of learning special routines and gaining horse knowledge we were ready for our first competition! the Fall 2019 Regional competitions were held in Washington, MO with 7 HHH Riders displaying their skills.  The experience for our Riders, families and Volunteers was beyond memorable and exciting. If you are interested in being a volunteer for the Special Olympic Equestrian Team email for further information.

With the addition of more volunteers HHH added a second class of Olympians on Wednesdays.  Their first competition was during the annual hayride November 6, 2021.  Thank you to all our spectators who cheered them on to winning medals and capturing the overall trophy.


Special Olympians practice at the Ranch on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning at 1:00pm during general session dates.  Olympians are chosen from our 2008 equine assisted therapy program after completing necessary requirements and meeting National Special Olympic Standards.

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