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Our 2020 Benefactors
(Especially during a pandemic your generosity is amazing.)
Our Fabulous Volunteers:  Our most valuable asset is our fabulous volunteers.  The outreach that extends from their dedication to HHH keeps the program young, vibrant, alive and growing.  We consistently maintain a 3-year wait list for riders and the quickest way to get them off the list is to increase our volunteer base.   Consider volunteering today!

o      Bill and Sue Jamison
o      Betty and Carla Werk
o      Karen Gehrs
o      Evan and Shelby Nobles
o      Degnan Family
o      Wanda Ruzicka
o      Wendy and Bryan Mickley
o      Betty Kinder
o      Gary Schmidt
o      Dawn Leever- Joe Laiben
o      John Mulick Family 
o      Ginny Uhlmansick
o      Jim and Kathy Nausley
o      Mavis Witte
o      Ivan and Shelby Nobles
o      Wanda and Frank Ruzicka
o      Charles and Mary Tisenter in honor of James Nobles 

Community Organizations/Businesses
o   Rays Vending Machines - % of vending machine sales
o    Ameren UE
o    Prosecuting Office Jefferson County

o   Waldrop Family Foundation
o    Farm and Giving Community Foundation
o    Jefferson Foundation Program Support Grant Round 1 - fund program due to COIV negative impact on fundraising and outreach initiatives
o   State Farm Matching Grant - Good Neighbor (Bill Jamison)

Philanthropic Organizations
o    Gateway Chapter Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association - Automated External Defibrillator 

o   White Flag Christian Church Youth Group   

o    Pius X High School 

o    We are grateful to all of our families who thought of us in their time of grief.

o      Bussen Quarry/Trautman
o       Mike and Brenda Dinges - Water Coolers/Water

Fundraiser/Shopping Referrals
o     Network for Good
o     Amazon Smiles​       
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