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Helping Hands & Horses exists because of the generosity of our volunteers. Our volunteer staff comes from all walks of life and social status and finds their niche to offer a unique balance of support to the program


If you would like to join us as a Volunteer send an email:  .All Volunteers must pass a background check so if interested click 



for a background check form from the Family Care Safety Registry. 


Volunteer with us.

Thank you Point Elementary for an outstanding work day!  You successfully put the Ranch to bed for the winter.

Group projects

Hear from our volunteers

"Helping Hands and Horses gives 100 people a wonderful opportunity to use their gifts and talents, enjoy the enthusiasm and joy of our riders, and camaraderie of amazing people. Supporting our families always makes for a good day. With countless smiles, hugs, and hearty waves attached to “I Love You” . The community support has also moved our program forward in ways we never imagined.
- Donna Holz, Educational  Coordinator "

Please email us for volunteer information.

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