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1-20 Work day

1-28 Submitted Jefferson foundation 2018 Capital Grant Round 1 for equipment needs


2-6-18 submitted 2 different category grants for our program needs “What’s Right with St. Louis”

2/14/18 Sent Volunteer updates and parent notices of start dates

2-15-18 St. Louis Public Radio Charity Match.  Great networking event to present our organization and network with other not-for-profits and people looking for volunteer opportunities.  Welcome Liz!

2/16/18 Follow up on all contacts made through Charity Match

2-23 Jordanne and Pius students work day 9-2

work day for horses week of 2/26/18, 3/5/18

2-27-18 Ryan Brown Eagle Project visit to collect ideas


3-1 Thurs and 3/7 Wed Volunteer training day

Start date 3-14 and 3-15


4-1-18 until June 30th ProActive Chiropractic in Arnold will donate all new client fees of $20 to HHH

4-5-18  Thursday 6pm Windsor Troop #3867 animal Helper badge.  

4-6-18 FMS Autism Awareness Walk 12:45-2pm

4-17-18 St. Pius X Freshman Work Day

4-18-18 Rockwood girl scout troop 3425 brought by Sarah Moonier

4-19-18 Windsor Pennies for Ponies winner, Kindergarten class “Ruether’s Rascals” visit the ranch

4-24-18 Trip to Point Elementary 9:30- 1:oo pm,

4-16-18 Optimists visit 6pm

4-29-18 White Flag Work Day Casie. Rain date 5-5-18

4-30-18 Fox School sponsors a Culver’s night in our honor.


Jefferson Foundation awards $28,500 to buy a tractor

5-6-18 Pet Expo in Hillsboro Noon until 4pm

Last days of spring session 5/9 and 5/10 and Rodeo sign ups

5-14-18FMS work day to set up for Rodeo

5-15-18 visit to Hillsboro Primary visit 9am-11am

Rodeo Saturday 5-19-18 10:00 am until 2pm


6-9-18 Crystal City Park meet and greet


7-16  New Hope Methodist work day 7-16 

7-23  Morgan Horse Club visits

7-31 Proactive Chiropractic in Arnold fundraiser presents  $6,188.00 so we can drill a well.

7-31 Missouri Chapter of the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation announced we are one of 5 recipients who will be awarded a grant                        9/12/18 during an evening ceremony.  More TBA.  We are elated and most grateful to Bob Guilino and Kelly Hartweg for encouraging                     our participation.



8/22 and 8/23 evening training sessions for new volunteers.

8-31 Fox High school Life Centered Career Education Class Work 


9/5 and 9/6  start

9-12 Awarded $6500.00in a Ceremony from the Insurance industry Charitable foundation Midwestern Missouri Chapter

9-24 Visit to Meramec Heights elementary
9-26 roundtable discussion between our parents and students being held at Pius X High School on the value of Horse therapy.
9-27 Kennerly Elementary hosts a fashion show fundraiser in memory of Michael Ruzicka
10-2 Visit to Freer elementary
10-4 Troops 1655 visits  the ranch as part of their "Animal Helper" badge.
10-8 Visit to Windsor Elementary
10-15 Seckman High School Special Department visits the ranch for a work day.
10-20-18 Hillsboro United Methodist Work Day. Everything from barn work to new fences!
10-24 Last ride for Wednesday families
10-31 Fox Middle School work day at the ranch
11-1   Last ride for Thursday families
11-3   Family and volunteer Hayride from 10-2 pm
11-5   Fox High School Life Skills group work day
Christmas Parade preparations in Festus and Herculaneum



12-19-18 Visit Freer Elementary

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