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Year to date July 2019



1-7 Work day

1-28 Submitted Jefferson foundation 2018 Capital Grant Round 1 for equipment needs


Begin work on 2019 Capital Grant Round 1 to increase program and facility use.

2-9-19 Ruzicka Family begins Michael’s Boardwalk

2-22-19 pius Work Day

2-27 and 2-28 Volunteer training day



3-11-19 Work days.  Mrs. Tappel’s Career Ed class joins us for work

Start date 3-13 and 3-14


4-4-19 Mrs. Hickerson’s class comes for a work day

4-13-19 Auxiliary Post in Arnold Hosts a Black Light Bingo for our Veteran’s Program

Week of the 15th “Nomad” group lends a hand in fixing fences, creating new security boards in the upper arena, building animal fur cases, hanging feed troughs, painting, and a whole lot more...

4-16-19 Pius Freshman join “Nomads” in cleaning the ranch.

4-26-19 Visit to Antonia Elementary


5-6-19 WE “Ladybugs and Lil’ Monsters” visit the ranch

5-10-19 Mrs. Howell Freer Kindergarteners come to the ranch for a visit.

5-17-19 Mrs. Tappel’s Career Ed class help set up for the Rodeo

Rodeo Saturday 5-18-19 10:00 am until 2pm

Thank you plaque presented and posted to the Michael Rizicka Family for building our new boardwalk.

5-20-19 Mrs. Hickersons’ class take down the Rodeo events and helps put the ranch to bed for the summer.


6-1-19 Grant awarded from the Jefferson Foundation for $17,000

6-10,11,& 12th Festus Summer School Work days


7-1,2 & 3 Home Depot work days to install pavers and cabinets awarded through a grant.

7-15 and 16 Work days to paint and clean

7-31-19 Visit with Crestwood Sunset Hills Rotary



8/21 and 8/22 evening training sessions for new volunteers, and horse leaders.  Please text 314-745-9909 for more information.


9/4 and 9/5  start Fall Session


Last ride 10/30 and 10/31 End of Fall Session


11-2-19   Family and volunteer Hayride 


Thank You Windsor Elementary for an outstanding fundraiser during October's Disability Awareness Month.  Winning Pennies for Ponies classes will visit the ranch in the spring. 

Volunteers getting ready for the fall session.  New cabinets, boards and places for our stuff....

July 1,2,3, and more....

Bill W and Tony helped move the cabinets into place with Cowboy Bill and then Shari and Gloria sanding the counter top...almost finished but looking wonderful!  Dave and Joe working on volunteers' name tag board.  So grateful for volunteers to do the labor because all materials were grant awarded or free.

2019 Rodeo May 18,2019

The rodeo was a barrel of fun.  Please visit our Facebook page for photos and comments

Jack's Eagle Project - 01.jpg

Team Vilchis working on a new ramp. installed 1-6-19

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