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Our Riders

Our riders range in age from 2 years to 51. Each rider is interviewed and required to present a current Individual Educational Program (IEP) or a doctor’s release. 


We are serving families with occupational or physical therapy needs as well as children and adults with any needs to build core strength.

From our ranch family

Interested in applying?

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"I enjoy the interaction with the side walkers and other riders. I enjoy the opportunity to ride a horse.I like Hooch a lot! I always look forward to my ridding sessions and the time at Helping Hands and Horses.

- Adam Christman, rider

"When we began our journey at the ranch, Noah barely spoke, did not engage with anyone, had poor motor skills, and had trouble walking and sitting without falling down. Since that first session, we have seen him grow leaps and bounds. Not only has his speech, sensory, and motor skills improved, he has a newfound confidence."

- Shannon Mederios, parent

There is currently a 2 year waiting list to become a rider. 

If you are the legal guardian interested in applying to the program, simply fill out our rider interest form below. We'll be in touch within a few business days to learn more.

Happy trails!

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