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2015….Sharing Bales of Fun and Stables of Joy





Follow up for Jefferson Memorial Foundation grant submitted 2/2/15 and work on the new application began.




Program begins 3-11-15

April program continues



            Rodeos on Wed 5-13-15 and Thursday 5-14-15 concluded our very busy spring session


            5-1-15 we received Round 1 funds of $5,000 as part of the Jefferson Memorial Foundation Grant recipients  This seed money would jump start a drive toward ease of access to volunteers, parents and information by purchasing a phone and a computer. 

            5-3-15 Tyler Voss began set up and installation for an interactive free standing geo board in the outdoor upper arena.  His eagle project was completed and riders began using it immediately

            5-14-15 the Concord Village Lion’s Club presented us with a $1000 donation.  This money became the down payment on bull dozer services to begin clearing ground for what was to become our sensory  course.  Adoption funds were also applied to “Spec” for teeth and hoof trimming. 





6.18.15 we visited the New Hope Methodist VBS


We received our first Walmart  Foundation grant of $500. 6-21-15.  The Walmart sponsors a Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) grant on behalf of their employees who volunteer 30 hours with our organization.  Thank you Becky Moore for being our volunteer and finding this quarterly source of funding.




Justin Harris became a steady Saturday fixture at the ranch as he pulled a team together to paint 8 arena murals with individually created designs.  His artwork turned plain into spectacular!  His first gift on 7-11-15 was 4 handcrafted benches that can be found in the old Towne and on the parent viewing deck.

 7-9-15  New Hope Methodist and Pastor Michelle brought 10 eager workers to install mats in the horse barn  They shoveled, loaded and pushed wheel barrel after wheel barrel of rock to level the floor for the mats.  They were unbelievably mighty workers!  Their VBS collected $579.14 for our horses.  When they left they even took 20 cinder blocks with them to paint and decorate.


7-23-15 Hillsboro United Methodist stormed the ranch with workers.  They brought a $550 donation and then cleared weeds, picked up limb and branch debris on the ever unfolding sensory course and trail, cleaned barn stalls and walkabouts, carried lumber and moved and relocated fences and gates.  Their time and energy gave us inspiration and we knew we were now on the move to revitalize the ranch. 




Preparation work begins to support the new sensory course that Zion Lutheran will install.  40 posts and 16 new rails latter Cowboy Bill and a friend had installed a new fence line marking off pasture from sensory course. 


8-22-15 Zion Lutheran from Pevely brought wind chimes, a dinner bell, painted tires and timbers to begin installation of the sensory course. Their parish picnic, VBS program and evening meetings divided tasks and set the course in motion.  Work would be completed the following week-end.  This monumental task was funded and installed by the families of the church.  What a lasting gift this is for HHH.


August we began rounding up new volunteers for the fall session and held our volunteer training on August 31st.


Aaron Pashia from Tacony Print set us up with printing our new brochures.


Bussen Quarry donated sand and 0- to be used on the trail and indoor arenas.  We were extrememly grateful for this timely and generous material donation


August 10, 2015 Round 2 Capacity Building Grant was requested for Program Support Needs from  Jefferson Memorial Foundation –


  We became a gold-level Guide Star participant showing our commitment to transparency.  HHH is listed with other 501 ( c  ) 3 organizations for the purpose of showing our mission t as wide an audience as possible.  Check us out!




September 9, 2015 began our very successful Fall sessions.  With a completed sensory course, new activities were built into the program. 


9-11-15 “Lady” arrived at the ranch through a donation by Scott Reed.   She is a 22 year old fox trotter and was integrated into the program easily.


9.12  New Hope Methodists’ Serve 2015 group came to the ranch for a day of painting and cleaning.  They removed 8 years of ranch wear and tear and painted everything within eye sight.  The old Towne was completely dismantled and reassembled.  The sand box was given its first coat of paint and became kid friendly. We are looking clean and beautiful again!






October- Disability Awareness Month


10.4.15 New Hope Methodists’ youth Group returned to finish painting blocks and timbers.  They built a concrete bench for the parents in front of the sand box.


10-5-15 Katie Spiker brought Troop 2255 to the ranch to help with barn chores and sensory course fall set up decorations of pumpkins and scarecrows.  They made a commitment to return and set up our first “Country Store” event for the closing Hayride


10-13-15 we visited Freer Elementary in the Windsor School District and presented our program with horses, helmets and saddles.  The entire school attended one of the two sessions and then walked through and pet both horses.  The students and staff raised enough money from their fundraiser to adopt Lincoln for a year and care for all his needs at the ranch.


10-15-15 the Fox Middle School Honor Society joined us for a day of clean up at the ranch.  They did some serious work!  Divided into groups they cleaned barn stalls and walkabouts, moved timber, carried brick,  tore out the flooring in the old towne and began replacing the floor in front of the jail with used bricks found around the property. They walked the property and picked up limbs and branches that had fallen due to rainstorms and wind. Thank goodness they brought gloves!


10-22-15 New Hope Methodist church donated restaurant booths for our indoor arena.  Tables and seating is always an issue that is slowly being resolved by thoughtful, generous donations.


Meramec Heights adopts the Captain through their fundraisers. We thank them for thinking of us and all the extra work in making “Hats off for Horses and P.J.’s for Ponies” a success.



11-1-15 we participated in a Scrabble Scramble organized by Arnold’s Building Business by Referral team.  Parents, volunteers and Windsor teachers supported this event by making over 25 baskets that would be bid on and garner a $1700.  Fundraising effort.  Wow!


Sean Degnan, 27 landscape timers with new bolts and hardware became a crew boss and installed our new flooring in the Old Towne.  It is a beautiful sight….finally!


11-5-15 Troop 2255 set up the Country Store for the Fall Hayride.  Filled with Fall and Christmas décor the store was open for the business of selling all items for 25 cents.  It was great fun! 


11-6-15 Volunteer celebration night!  Thanks “Cowboy Bill” for dinner and dancing


11-11-was rained out so the family hayride for all was set on 11-12-15.  Troop 2255 ran the Country Store and helped with set up and clean up. 


11-30-15 We participated in the Festus “Storybook Christmas” parade.  A team of elves under the direction of Marty Boyer designed and decorated our Second Place winning float.  Our theme was ‘Twas the night before Christmas






We received our second $500 Walmart Foundation grant 12-1-15


Festus Crystal City Community Chest gave $4,000 to help with the purchase of a 4 person gator to help us get around the ranch a little easier. 


12-1-15 a Round 2 Capacity Building Grant was awarded for Program Support Needs from the Jefferson Memorial Foundation – Round 2 received $9,000.  This grant is to expand program safety and foster community ownership.  The entire grant will help purchase the 4 person gator so we can maintain the property easier and faster.



12-3-15 We participated in the Pevely/Herculaneum “It’s Christmas” parade.  Once more families and volunteers joined the throwing of candy, walking and singing to win us a 2nd place win.


12—26-15   Mr. and Mrs. Wm Jamison celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary… away from the ranch.

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