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Looking to buy 4 passenger gator from Nobbe $14,393

1-12-16  Began work on Round 1 Capital Grant

1-13-16 began a conversation with Craig Henning from Disability Resource Association


Assess program needs and facility improvement projects


Train new Volunteers

Ted Zlotopolski family hangs new fans in both arenas

call Donna Bondurant for HUM to return week of 3/5 or 3/12

3-3-16 through 3-6-16 Region 7 PATH Conference.  Amy Willard Tree House

Program begins ….3-9-16 and 3-10-16


4-23-16 invited Parents to the Autism Awareness seminar with Next Steps Meredith Augusta

636- 282-1414

4-23-16 HUM gave the ranch a face lift.  Flowers, bushes and intense landscape efforts in front of all building.  Hillsboro United Methodist Church members know how to work hard!

4-18 presented material at Fox Center: evening for parents to pick up info on resources for their children

4-25 Presentation to the Kiwani Club brunch


May 11/12 Rodeo.  Rained Thursday and arena flooded badly.  Saved by Renee and Jacob Zlotopolski

5-19 Fox assembly to pick up the Big Check! WOW $3,103.41 Fox Middle School Honor Society sponsor.


5-21 White Flag work day

5-27 Melisa Edwards’ Wake.  Our much loved Melissa rode with us from 2009 until 4 months before her death.  Her smile and “red boots” will live long in our memories and hearts.

This summers’ donors:

            Melisa Edwards Memorial Fund raised enough to adopt Sparky

Safety National adopted “Dakota” 8-15-16 $1100

Concord Lions adopted Spec 5-31-16 $1000

State Farm matching grants received thanks to Gary and Bill

Ray’s Vending

V.A.P. Grant Becky Moore Walmart employee

Bussen Quarry- rock, rock and rock

Hudson Glass- rock

Sanders Hauling- dirt, dirt and dirt

Girl Scouts Troop

White Flag Christian Church, Telegraph rd.- time, labor and supplies for our new 20’ bridge



6-1-16  Completed and submitted JMCF Grant received $7500.00

6-6-16 Twin City Community Chest sent a partial payment of $750.00

6-11 Zion Lutheran work day

6-17-16 State Farm Foundation Grant nomination by Gary Schmidt earned a deposit of $500.

6/20 Shirley Spink a new friend.  She first met us at the Cracker Barrel in Herky and hearing our story gave us $320. To buy a drag bar for the arena.



7-13 New Hope Methodist work day

7-19 Community Chest Meeting and presentation

7-26 Zion


8-6- White Flag installed the Bridge

8-8- Met Eddie Bohnert and decided on pavilion project

8-9 Sue Tes and Mary met to discuss albums for anniversary celebration….work begins…

8-12 Board meeting

8-15 Met Paul Jeffries and Shari to discuss WEB turn over

8-20 Troop 2033 installed sensory stations

8/23 through 25 horse work and volunteer training.  Signed off on Eagle scout project



9/1 Work day

9/1 submitted State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant

9/3 Sanders Hauling delivered fill dirt for outdoor arena


9-7-16 Zion Lutheran Church Pevely presented an $809.00 from their VBS

9/9/ Recess visit 6:00 – 8:00 rescheduled bad weather

9/10 New Hope Methodist volunteer work day

9/13 Pius High School visit 10:45 (Christie Schoemel)

Seven eight sign co Brian Moeckel

9/22 Ace Grease Service: Del Burns employee of the month donation

9-30-16 Twin City Community Chest gave a down payment of 667.50 on a $1500.  Promise.



10/4 Freer 9:00

Recess visit was cancelled due to rain.

10/10 Windsor Elementary $800.65

10/13 Pius X High School, Festus donation of $807.

10-18-16 Twin City Community Chest donated $3,125 for a Therapy Saddle.

10/24 Twin City $667.50 Community Chest donation for program support

10/22 Katie and Jenna Spiker work day

10/22 Faith Lutheran Work day

10/22 White Flag signs delivered by Brian Moeckel

10-25-16 Freer adopted Lincoln for a donation of $600.00 from their fundraisers Popcorn and P.J’s for Ponies

******We gratefully thank the Windsor Special Ed Dept for spearheading these fundraiser since 2012 and giving great care to their horse “Lincoln”.

10-31-16 Windsor Elem. Donated $800 for the care of Lincoln through their fundraisers Popcorn and P.J’s for Ponies



11-1-16 Work day FMS

 5th Hayride on a Saturday 2-6

November 6 Scrabble Scramble had great participation and fun.  Deposited $2519.

Travelers Insurance Group Employee Giving Program received our first matching funds of $190.

AmerenUE donation $500.

FMS students sponsored a Culver’s Night for us and made $_____________

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project was spearheaded by Eddie Bohnert.  Eddie constructed a 22’ x 10’x 9’ picnic pavilion and built 2 picnic tables to keep our families out of sun and mist as they watch their children ride.

State Farm Matching grant $1500.

11-17  Hillsboro United Methodist Church $500



12-20 Thanks Sam for getting the $500 donation from Ameren UE

12-20  Travelers Cyber Grant $190.

12-22 Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation Grant Award $12,000

Ameren UE grant process began with Doug Thurman, Jim Vaughn, and Ted Zlotopolski seeking bids for installing lighting on the Sensory Course. Fingers crossed!

Jefferson Memorial awarded $12,000 for ADA compliance and saddles

Work on 10th Anniversary brochure began….

We are grateful to the volunteers and parents who generously donate to the program and keep us moving forward…..


The year ended with huge beautification projects completed including concrete pathways leading to a viewing deck and the pavilion, upgraded horse and wagon trails, the gift of a pavilion being built, deck and Hotel back door steps, and flowers blooming all around.

Two major grant sources Jefferson Memorial Community Foundation Grant and the Twin City Community Grant awarded us twice in the calendar year.  We are grateful to these groups for supporting our program.  The countless donations from schools, churches, service groups, businesses, whether in kind or financial, allowed us to move our program forward and maintain our goal of “free of charge” to our riders. As always, our parents and friends have continued to bless us and the memorial donations received have touched our hearts.  All are held in prayer and we wish you  “Happy Trails”.

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