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Our 2018 Benefactors
Our Fabulous Volunteers:  Our most valuable asset is our fabulous volunteers.  The outreach that extends from their dedication to HHH keeps the program young, vibrant, alive and growing.  We consistently maintain a 3-year wait list for riders and the quickest way to get them off the list is to increase our volunteer base.   Consider volunteering today!

o   Bill and Sue Jamison

o   Adam Christman

o   Wyatt Gehrs

o   Ginny Uhlmansiek

o   “Stusquatch Experiment - tip jar and musical event

o   LeeAnn Todd

o   Liz Millis

o   Jim and  Kathy Nausely

o   Andrew Dinges

o   Sean Mekan's birthday donation

o   Bob and Jerry Specker

o   Ivan and Shelby Nobles

o   Statzel Family

Community Organizations/Businesses

o   Leader Publication Pet Expo/calendar project

o   ProActive Chiropractic in Arnold - Funded portion of new water wells

o   Rays Vending Machines - % of vending machine sales

o   Helping Hands and Horses' Country Store

o   Twin City Community Chest Association

o   Twin City Auto


o   Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation of Midwestern Missouri - Funded portion of new water wells (Bill Weiler)

o   Jefferson Foundation Capital Grant Round 1 - Purchase tractor

o   State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant

o   State Farm Foundation Grant

 State Farm Matching Grant - Good Neighbor (Bill Jamison)

o   Travelers Insurance Company Employee Matching Grant

o   Walmart Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) Program - Mark Snyder

Philanthropic Organizations

o   Morgan Horse Club Ride-a-thon

o   VFW 2593 Arnold Auxiliary

o   Twin City Area Optimist Club - fundraiser   


o   Hillsboro United Methodist - work day - ranch beautification and clean-up

o   White Flag Christian Church Youth group - work day - ranch beautification and clean-up

o   New Hope Methodist Caring Kids Camp - work day - ranch beautification and clean-up


o   Windsor Elementary – popcorn and pj’s for ponies; Ruether's Rascals visits ranch (adoption of Lincoln) – 6th year

o   Pius X High School – dress down day adopts Dakota - year 2

o   Fox Middle School Honor Society – annual works days and Autism Awareness Walk fund raiser (adoption of Bud Man), and Culver’s Night fund raiser - year 3

o    Fox Middle School work day

o   Freer Elementary:  Windsor School District– popcorn and pj’s for ponies (adoption of Lincoln) – 5th year

o   Meramec Heights fundraiser- adoption of Bailey - year 3

o   Point Elementary in the Mehlville District

o   Pius X High School Freshman - Ranch beautification and clean-up

o   Seckman High School Special Education Department work day put up fall decor for the pumpkin snatch activity

o   Kennedy Elementary hosted fashion show fundraiser in honor of Michael Ruzicka

o   Seckman High School Life Skills Class cleanup up from hayride and put ranch to bed for winter


We are grateful to all of our families who thought of us in their time of grief.  Michael Ruzicka rode with us for 6 years and was a JOY. 

o   Michael Ruzicka

o   Melba Wilson

o   Kim Starkey 



o   Bussen Quarry

o   Sean Degnan

o   Mike and Brenda Dinges - Water Coolers/Water

Fundraiser/Shopping Referrals
o   Network for Good
o   Amazon Smiles

Scout Projects

o    Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Ryan Brown:  Fire pit

o    Girl Scout Troop 3425 (Sarah Moonier) - Ranch beautification and clean-up

o    Girl Scout Troop 3867 - Animal Helper Badge

o    Girl Scout Troop 1655 - Mackenzie Sanders - Wrote Letters to Riders/Animal Helper Badge

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