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Look below for White flag,  Rockwood South 13's Great Volleyball Team and Pius x Freshman class visit.  

White Flag you made our day!!


We are grateful for your gift of time and energy!  You cleaned two arenas, organized the Leader board, Tested light bulbs, moved and stacked wood, split wood, spray painted the big swing and little bird houses, maintained the fire pit with the downed tree limbs you picked up from the trails, smiled through the manure patrol, moved picnic tables, cleaned and decorated the old sandbox, cleaned the "Knowledge Depot" porch and cleaned the blackboard and all furniture.  You even washed out your paint brushes for the next group.  Should I tell your parents how hard you worked for us?  Good job Moms and Dads!  Good job Jeramiah  and Emily keeping things moving!  Follow us on facebook so you can see the smiles of the riders who will now enjoy the fruits of your labor.

April 6, 2021 Rockwood South 13's lend a hand


Thank You Pius High School Staff and Freshman Class '24 for your Work day April 16th

You cleaned out an entire pole barn and organized, built shelves, sorted tools and carried out "stuff", burn pile was kept alive all day with brush from the trails, everything that could be painted was painted, flower beds were weeded and flower pots organized, horse stalls and runs were cleaned and the Old Towne was refurbished!  Wow! What a day we had.  Thank you for your time and energy.

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